Evidência Hotels belongs to the Evidência Group who have made it their mission to create, implement and manage high-quality tourist enterprises.

We bring an innovative concept to the market based on sustainable tourism, without however skimping on the quality of service.

“A hotelaria foi uma consequência natural da estratégia de crescimento do Grupo, pois os hotéis são organismos vivos em mutação, cada dia que passa têm um evento diferente do dia anterior…”

Torres Filho , in JN 15/02/2007


The goal of Evidência Hotels is essentially to endow each type of hotel and each individual hotel with a unique and customised appearance. Adapting the characteristics of each unit to the specificities of each place. The location of each hotels is therefore viewed as a foundation stone on which to build truly integrated solutions that lend it a leading edge.


Commitment to Evidence - Grow. Our commitment to growth.  

Growing in innovation, growing in quality in order to surprise on the upside, exceed expectations to grow on the most important: the satisfaction of our customers  

In only in this way we believe in the growth of the Group and Turnover.

Work with us -

Evidencia Hotels

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